The history of the Rotary-ax company does not begin only on its inauguration date, March 1999. Before that, many important things happened.

The performance of its founder in companies such as New Holland, Maxion, Blount Fied and Volvo; participation in several projects, including international awards; travel and technical exchanges. All this was fundamental to consolidate a broad practical experience and establish productive methodologies with high quality standards.

Over the past 25 years, Rotary-ax has been unveiled in order to offer quality alternatives, agility in the delivery and the most attractive prices on the market for products for the forestry sector, biomass sector , agricultural sector and serial pieces.

At the time the components for tree harvesting were all imported and very expensive, however, Rotary-ax already had technology and equipment that allowed a production with impeccable standard and with very low costs

After that, with the acquisition of CNC machining equipment, the company extended its operations to manufacture, in scale, the most different parts, responding to the height of all the demand required in the precisions process.

The consequence of such consistent work can only be a respectable portfolio of customers ranging from leading pulp and paper mills and their outsourcers to renowned agricultural and automotive companies.

This high profile of companies served requires uninterrupted investments in technology, structure and training. Rotary-ax is ready to serve your company with the highest quality and expertise.